My Faith Walk

Trust the process. Trust in HIM.

Have you ever felt alone?  Are you trying to figure this thing called life out?  Have you ever felt the pull of God leading you and because you didn’t know all the details…you stalled?

This was me.  Sometimes this still is me.  I, who was created in the image of the only true God – who holds the world in his hands, could not move…would not move.

I prayed often.

Wrote my vision down on tablets.

But I was unsure how things would play out.  I wanted to be the author in God’s plan for my life.  Why couldn’t I be in charge of my own destiny?

I needed to know every detail of God’s perfect plan to feel comfortable in my NOW – BUT I didn’t know his plan and truthfully, that made me uncomfortable.

Not knowing is scary.  Not knowing is paralyzing.  For years I sat on a gift that only God could give.  I was dreaming the dream and not living it.

Then God slowly started to show me a glimpse of HIS promise.  He connected me to the right people at the right time.  He ordered my steps according to #HISPLAN and HIS #PerfectTiming and did it #JesusStyle

He helped me to trust the process, to believe without seeing, and to trust without knowing the big picture.

It is by faith that I walk out my life for him building #GodsBrand.  I am the instrument and he is the source of inspiration for ALL that I do.

So if you are anything like me and have experienced a life where FAITH was blocked by fear, speak to the mountain with authority and watch God move it.

Please join me as I live out God’s plan for my life as I build #HisBrand as I build my own personal brand that is #GodInspired his way on J’s Faith Walk