S P R I N G F E V E R 2018

It’s S P R I N G and I have the FEVER for ALL the flavors of spring because I just can’t choose just one. I’m talking bright colors and patterns to give your outfit some much needed flare, pastels, layers, and don’t forget to show a little skin here and there (I love the skin I’m in). According to my calendar, S P R I N G officially S P R U N G on Tuesday, March 20th; however, Mother Nature did NOT get the memo making it a little more difficult to rid myself of my winter wardrobe and welcome spring and things!

Not to worry, myself and some amazing #bossbabebloggers who are affectionately known as the Fab 40s, have you covered with some style that’s easy to recreate and can absolutely weather the tempermental temperatures that WE all have experienced this year.

So if you ever thought that you wouldn’t know the first thing about putting together a rainbow look, check out these ladies and see just how W R O N G you were!



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