My Faith Walk

In the Beginning…

Like many parents, specifically mothers, we give so much of ourselves trying to be everything to everyone at the same time oftentimes we become so consumed with the needs of our husbands and children that we forget about ourselves. How many of you can relate to that? That was me. If I could be honest, in some ways, it still is in me.

As a mother, I have sometimes forfeited my dreams for a greater dream called family. I have no complaints about my sacrifice; in fact, I celebrate it. It was exactly what I needed at the time and although I didn’t see or understand it completely while I was doing it, it was what I needed to focus on…give myself to…prioritize…and manage in a way that pleased my creator as well as myself. I wanted to be the best mommy to Claire and Kenny that I could be and at the time, I didn’t know how to be a great mom and a great journalist.

If you’ve ever worked as a journalist, you know far too well that the job can be consuming. There’s a lot of sacrificing of time. Long hours are the norm ESPECIALLY if there is breaking news. Honestly, I was a traffic reporter and radio personality. My hours weren’t that hectic, BUT I knew that if I continued to follow my dream, I could be that reporter in the field covering hard news stories that deserved my full attention. Since I didn’t want to be divided, I made a choice. That choice, which was a new beginning for a different type of dream for me, is one that I hold near and dear to me.

Through my years of being a stay at home mom, I slowly started to see who I was and who I wanted to be. While I enjoyed being a stay at home mom, I also used my position as an excuse not to live to my full purpose. You see, I truly believe that God can give you many gifts to be used at different times in your life. At that stage in my life, I felt that my gift was to be a mom. Or maybe I just wasn’t ready to give up the life that I wanted for the life that I had. Woooooow REALITY check!!

Only God could bless me in such a way that allows me to parent two remarkable gifts from him. Through this blessing called family, I have learned the importance of being obedient to MY God as well as to my heart ❤❤️ and this is why this is indeed my Faith Walk.

God has been speaking to me for a long time. He whispered, showed me signs, and even provided me ways to make this BIG dream of mine into reality. I, on the other hand, ran. I didn’t have the courage even though I received encouragement through his word. I didn’t have the faith I needed to step out and start something that was for HIM where I could use the gifts 🎁 that HE had blessed me with to glorify him…BUT I was too scared. I was worried about failing.

What if it didn’t work? What if no one listened or cared? Well, faith and fear can’t dwell in the same place…SO today, October 15, 2017,  I’m choosing FAITH. Faith to do what God has called me to be and do what he has called me to do. The burning desire that HE put in me to tell the stories of others as well as share some things that I’ve learned along life’s journey will just be some of the things you will get here.

Through this blog, I plan on sharing myself…my family…my hopes…dreams…fashion sense…BUT mostly, I hope to share with you my GOD through my Faith Walk as well as the journey of others as they walk by faith and not by sight.

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