My Faith Walk

Dear God

Dear God,

It’s me again.  The one that you called.  You know, the one that was chosen by you and for you.  To walk out that plan…your master plan in FAITH and not in FEAR.  Whoa, this Faith Walk is bigger than me and my stuff.  It’s bigger than my insecurities.  It’s my purpose.  I want to live my God given purpose.

Let me be honest (not that I could ever get away with lying to YOU) maybe someone else, like ME but never YOU.  Yes, I’ve lied to myself over and over again.  I’ve listened to the enemy instead of following your voice.  Your sweet voice guiding me, providing inspiration to me, and placing me just where I needed to be when I needed to be there.  I hear you.  I have discernment.  I don’t have it all together yet, BUT you know me inside out…FLAWS and all AND you still love me.  You remain constant.  Thank you!

This is not the easiest road I’ve traveled on.  In fact, there have been some sharp turns – you know, the ones that pulled me in one direction when you were directing me to go in another.  I’ve run out of gas – I found myself completely on empty because I didn’t fill up on your word ALTHOUGH I longed for it; I desired you.

I’ve had obstacle after obstacle – the car of life would sometimes stall out and when it decided to run, I’ve found myself going in the wrong direction when you’ve provided a road map.  I’ve been searching for you…looking for answers and hoping that you would answer my spoken and unspoken prayers.

I remained as faithful as a human could be – at least by my definition and then as I was growing weary and was at the point of giving up…I almost threw in the towel, YOU showed up and reminded me that you were always there.  Your provision kept me.  You give me all that I need and more.  Your love reminds me that you are never out of reach, you’ve always been there – you are in everything that I do, everything that I am, and all that I hope to be.  Even if I can’t see you or touch you, I feel your presence.  Thank you!

You are guiding me on this journey called life and by FAITH, I will walk out my purpose.  I’m not just building my brand, I’m building #GodsBrand




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