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S P R I N G F E V E R 2018

It’s S P R I N G and I have the FEVER for ALL the flavors of spring because I just can’t choose just one. I’m talking bright colors and patterns to give your outfit some much needed flare, pastels, layers, and don’t forget to show a little skin here and there (I love the skin I’m in). According to my calendar, S P R I N G officially S P R U N G on Tuesday, March 20th; however, Mother Nature did NOT get the memo making it a little more difficult to rid myself of my winter wardrobe and welcome spring and things!

Not to worry, myself and some amazing #bossbabebloggers who are affectionately known as the Fab 40s, have you covered with some style that’s easy to recreate and can absolutely weather the tempermental temperatures that WE all have experienced this year.

So if you ever thought that you wouldn’t know the first thing about putting together a rainbow look, check out these ladies and see just how W R O N G you were!




Fab 40’s Colors of the Rainbow

April showers bring May flowers…BUT wait, it’s only March. After the rain and before the flowers in May, comes the beautiful colors in the rainbow.  Some Fab40 Blogger Babes and I have teamed up to bring you some bright colors and tons of spring fashion inspiration that will have you searching through your closet or headed to a local mall or boutique to see what you can fin

So, while the weather hasn’t quite decided whether it would like to be winter or spring, we’ve made a decision to spring forward in our fashion.  We have made up our minds and are serving up some Colors of the R A I N B O W fashion that you may want to recreate all by yourself. 

Here’s to springing forward R A I N B OW S T Y LE! 


Fab 40s Colors of the Rainbow

Meet Mary! She's one of the first bloggers I reached out to when I started J's Faith Walk. She's stylish and keeps you guessing on what's to come. Follow her at: @curlybyrdie

Fab40’s Colors of the Rainbow

This beauty has created a style that's all of her own and I absolutely love it.

A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Look at this beauty flaunting her style full of flavor. I love that her looks are out of the box which inspire you to do the same.

Fab40s Colors of the Rainbow

Suzy is one fashionista who is taking style to a new level.

Meet Suzy Turner

Jasiika of J’s Faith Walk
Fab40’s Colors of the Rainbow


Without A Vision…


Here I am three months into the 2018 and BOY has it been a beautiful start.  I believe God must be speaking to me directly because the evidence of his love and faithfulness has been so overwhelmingly present in my life. 


As I take this Faith Walk…this journey to be all that God has created me to be, I realize that it is not by accident that GOD has set my life up like this.  Each detail is filled with love…deep thought…and direction.  He is ordering my steps even as I type these words. 


So far, I have attended two Vision Board parties in 2018 and each of them could not have been more on time.  HE is speaking to me…always directing me and reminding me that I am not forgotten; my prayers and petitions to God are not going unheard or unanswered.  For that reason alone, I write these words…GOD is writing my story and it is NOT finished.  In fact, it has just begun.  I declare this year to be a year of VISION and PURPOSE! 


Attending a Vision Party was on the top of my to-do list for 2018 for many reasons, primarily because I needed it.  Proverbs 29:18 says, “Without a vision, the people would perish” and I felt that I had been operating my life without a clear vision…a path for which I needed to take as well as direction on how to get there.  Yes, I had written the vision many times.  They were in different places…journals…notes on my phone…said them aloud…but had never made a commitment to walk it out.  The bible, Habakkuk 2:2, encourages us to “write down the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it”.  So, while I was writing my vision, I believe I was running from my purpose and not towards it.  Has that ever happened to you? 


On this thing called J’s Faith Walk, there are things that God is saying to me…showing me…building for me…and yes, even withholding from me.  Not because he doesn’t love me or doesn’t care.  It’s quite the opposite!  God loves me more than any other could love me and is concerned about every intricate detail of my life and that’s why in times when I think I’m not moving fast enough to my purpose, it is at those times that he is shaping me and equipping me with everything I need to walk out the plans that he has for my life (Check out Jeremiah 29:11). 


Sometimes being the author of the story of my life can’t be easy.  I’m always questioning when…where and how.  I get anxious and want to write my own story because I know just what I need or so I think I do; I want to create my own way.  Because HE is God and I am HIS child, HE knows my every move even before I take it.  He is genius like that.  He even allows me free choice – giving me the freedom to make mistakes and hopefully, learn from them.  And just as a parent corrects his/her child, he disciplines me with love, forgives me, and provides guidance so that I may escape myself and the works of the enemy.  There have been times when I’ve given the enemy my hand to hold instead of giving all of me to God to care for and protect.  Those are seasons where I knew better and in spite of what I knew, chose the wrong path.  I am still forgiven.  God knows my name. 


This dream that I’m living…that I desire to live, is so big that I can’t always see my way.  I put one foot forward and move.  Sometimes I fail to move because all of the many things that are in my mind like hopes…dreams…prayers…insecurities…doubts…fears… and the list goes on and on.  Questions arise.  Some questions are more complicated than others.  Others, seem easy yet they aren’t.  I’m always looking for answers, but not always wanting to hear what God is saying.  And sometimes the answers are right in front of my eyes and I refuse to see them.  But God is waiting patiently for me to GROW UP, BOSS UP and SHOW UP in my purpose and walk in the fullness of who I am supposed to be.   You see, his design for my life is FLAWLESS even though I am full of imperfections.  His love is powerful enough to change even the weakest.  His love strengthens me on this journey; it is my safe place. 


To get to my destination – there is no one clear path on my own.  With God, every rocky road is made straight and every mountain is removed.  But there is some work to this thing called a VISION.  For me, the work began a long time ago as I wrote and journals and spoke aloud what I believed.  MY help and what I didn’t always know I needed was a way to organize my thoughts.  An article in Huffington Post (2016) provides 7 reasons why you need to create a Vision Board in 2016.  While the article was written 2 years ago, it’s relevance to me was and still is significant.  According to the Jennifer C. Walton (the author), people set goals, but lack the follow through.  Oops, that was ME.  To be completely honest with myself, it sometimes still is me.  

Realizing the need for a Vision Board was paramount for 2018.  I needed to hold myself accountable to do something different.  I recognized my short comings and knew that writing a vision was only the beginning; I desired to walk my vision out through faith.  But where would I start? 


In January, I started talking to my friend, Krystal about wanting to attend a Vision Board Party.  I had no idea where one would be held and even toyed with the idea of hosting one myself.  If you know my dear friend, you know that she is a planner.  She researches and seeks things instantly always on the look out for something great to propel her and her family to the next level.  I think that’s the teacher in her.  She aims to not just be the teacher, but also to be the student; she is forever growing.  In no time, she contacted me with a flyer for a Vision Board Party.  I’m so thankful that she found this hidden treasure right here in Columbus. 


On February 2, 2018 I attended the She Believed She Could…So She Did Vision Board Party hosted by Caletia and Javateona in Columbus, OH.  First, let me just say…that just about daily I wear a ring that reads exactly that, “She Believed She Could…So She Did”.  For me, that alone served as confirmation that although this party was for everyone, God knew that I needed this party more than I did. 


Originally, Krystal and I were supposed to attend the event together, but life happened.   Krystal’s grandmother took ill and she was unable to attend the event as planned.  Although she really wanted to share in this event with me, we knew that being with her grandmother was the right thing to do.  Because my spirit was yearning for a change, I did not allow attending the event alone deter me from going and learning how to turn my vision into action.  It was where I was supposed to be and deep down inside I knew that. 


The event was life changing.  It was food for my soul – and the inspiration that I needed in that moment.  When I walked into the venue, I immediately took notice to the beautiful women of various ages and backgrounds, each seeking something more…something different.  All sharing a common purpose to add vision to their lives.  The QUEENS in the room (as called by the speaker for the afternoon), were all there to not only receive a guide, but also to cheer each other on through the process.  I knew right away, I was exactly where I needed to be and was ready to be poured into. 


While the fees I paid included finger foods, an amazing speaker, and GIFTS (a 2018 Planner, t-shirt that read, “She Believed She Could…So She Did, affirmations, material to make the vision board, and a pen to write the vision), the greatest gift that I received was in the environment that I was in.  The encouragement, the cheers, the people, and realizing that I was not alone was and forever will be, the gift that keeps on giving. 


I had an opportunity to speak with one of the planners, Javeteona, of the event in February.  I was interested in hearing her thoughts about the Vision Board Party as well as learn about future plans for events like this or others that may be hosted.  With such a gem like this, I just can’t keep it to myself; I want to tell everyone.  Just as I was blessed, I want others to be blessed as much as I was by attending this Vision Board Party in the future.  To learn about Javeteona’s thoughts the event and the vision behind it, keep on reading.    


The Interview

What was the best part of the Vision Party?

The best part of the vision board party was seeing a group of ladies all come together with a common goal.  

What did you learn?   There are people/ women that are in the same mindset as myself, goal driven and simply just want to win.  Those peopled showed up and showed that they were ready to WIN.

What was your inspiration for the Vision party?

The inspiration was simple.  Caletia and I do a vision board every year and we see how it helps us to stay accountable.   We just wanted to share what we’ve learned with others and give them the chance to do the same.

What, if anything, would you do differently? 

The only thing we would change is the venue so that we can accommodate more people.

How many people were involved in the creative process?   Caletia Denby and myself were the two behind the creative process

What’s your vision for future parties like this?  We actually have plans to do this annually.  Plans for 2019 is currently in the works. Also, we have a mid-year event “painting with a purpose” coming up in June to bring ladies back together to talk about how the goals are going so far, obstacles faced and provide guidance on how to overcome them by simply talking through road blocks and how to overcome them so that together, we can all get to the next level.  





I know I’m late, BUT Happy New 2018

Hi y’all. 

That’s the southern girl in me coming out in this post. I say it often…probably more than I need to because it reminds me of home (South Carolina).  Yessss, I live in Columbus, OH but I will forever be a southern girl living in a midwestern world.

I apologize for my delay in creating a new post for you. This new life that chose me (God gave me a gift and I intend to use it) has been extremely exciting and sometimes it’s even been overwhelming (in a good way)! It’s my desire to not just share cutesy clothes and perfect poses with you, but to show you me…my family…and most importantly, MY God. 

It’s the beginning of the year and the middle of January (where did the time go?), so I wanted to right my wrongs. I wanted to give you the best of me and delayed posting because of my need for perfection. What is perfection anyway? I believe that perfection, at least for me, is a perfectly imperfect person trying to be more like God…have more of him (Give me LOTS of JESUS)…and live like him. The road may not be easy, but it is definitely necessary.

Each week, I plan on taking you on the road with me. You’re sure to see me grow and I may even fail, but failure won’t define me; it will just make me stronger and wiser.  Plus, falling down and getting right back up is a part of life; it’s in those times that I fall down that I depend more on my savior (Proverbs 24:16).  But when and if I fall, I promise you that you will get me…the good, bad, and the ugly. I will share my love of God, my family of 4, and this thing called fashion – AND I will share all things in between (mommy-hood, wife, blogger, future podcaster, servant, teacher, etc). 

Faith – As I think about the pieces of this blog puzzle I always think of God first, because without him I can do nothing, but fail. BUT I am reminded that with God ALL things are possible (Matthew 19:26).  He has been tugging on my heart for a long time, directing me to step out and live this life boldly and unapologetically AND I am doing it right now. He is my reason for all that I do. I hope I make him proud and while I’m making him proud, I reach you.  I want to see you live your best life…whatever that is for you.  

Family – Outside of God, there’s nothing greater. My family helps me to be the very best version of myself and to reach for goals that I didn’t always know were attainable. They push me to keep going when I want to give up. They are my gifts from God. I am forever blessed to do life with them and while I will openly share pieces of them with you, there are some parts that I desire to keep just for us. 

My children are growing up before my eyes; they are becoming who God desires them to be.  It is my job to help nurture, love, protect, and direct their paths and while I do that, it may require some privacy.  I hope you understand that.  

Fashion – I haven’t always been a fashionista. I used to see clothes and have ideas, but wasn’t sure how to put them together. Then, something happened. Fashion found me. It awakened something inside of me that was and still is beautiful. I’ve found my voice and I promise you, I am screaming it with bright colors, dresses, shoes, purses, and statement pieces. 

Through fashion, I want to show you how to be FLY within your means (a skill that I’m still working to master), to be so FRESH & so CLEAN on a budget without others knowing that you are on a budget, and to push the envelope as it relates to fashion.  Let’s not  be scared to mix it up…and make a statement.  

I am discovering that Faith, Family, and Fashion can be a Christian girl with a family of her own on a mission to please God while living her very best life and helping others do the same. While I’m living my best life, I will share my stories…victories and defeats…joys and sorrows…and more. 

Please join me as I share my heart of hearts with you!  I pray to meet you where you are and hope to inspire you to go where you are supposed to be.  Let’s GROW together.  

Remember everyone has a story, welcome to mine!

          J’s Faith Walk
My Faith Walk

Trust the process. Trust in HIM.

Have you ever felt alone?  Are you trying to figure this thing called life out?  Have you ever felt the pull of God leading you and because you didn’t know all the details…you stalled?

This was me.  Sometimes this still is me.  I, who was created in the image of the only true God – who holds the world in his hands, could not move…would not move.

I prayed often.

Wrote my vision down on tablets.

But I was unsure how things would play out.  I wanted to be the author in God’s plan for my life.  Why couldn’t I be in charge of my own destiny?

I needed to know every detail of God’s perfect plan to feel comfortable in my NOW – BUT I didn’t know his plan and truthfully, that made me uncomfortable.

Not knowing is scary.  Not knowing is paralyzing.  For years I sat on a gift that only God could give.  I was dreaming the dream and not living it.

Then God slowly started to show me a glimpse of HIS promise.  He connected me to the right people at the right time.  He ordered my steps according to #HISPLAN and HIS #PerfectTiming and did it #JesusStyle

He helped me to trust the process, to believe without seeing, and to trust without knowing the big picture.

It is by faith that I walk out my life for him building #GodsBrand.  I am the instrument and he is the source of inspiration for ALL that I do.

So if you are anything like me and have experienced a life where FAITH was blocked by fear, speak to the mountain with authority and watch God move it.

Please join me as I live out God’s plan for my life as I build #HisBrand as I build my own personal brand that is #GodInspired his way on J’s Faith Walk

My Faith Walk

Dear God

Dear God,

It’s me again.  The one that you called.  You know, the one that was chosen by you and for you.  To walk out that plan…your master plan in FAITH and not in FEAR.  Whoa, this Faith Walk is bigger than me and my stuff.  It’s bigger than my insecurities.  It’s my purpose.  I want to live my God given purpose.

Let me be honest (not that I could ever get away with lying to YOU) maybe someone else, like ME but never YOU.  Yes, I’ve lied to myself over and over again.  I’ve listened to the enemy instead of following your voice.  Your sweet voice guiding me, providing inspiration to me, and placing me just where I needed to be when I needed to be there.  I hear you.  I have discernment.  I don’t have it all together yet, BUT you know me inside out…FLAWS and all AND you still love me.  You remain constant.  Thank you!

This is not the easiest road I’ve traveled on.  In fact, there have been some sharp turns – you know, the ones that pulled me in one direction when you were directing me to go in another.  I’ve run out of gas – I found myself completely on empty because I didn’t fill up on your word ALTHOUGH I longed for it; I desired you.

I’ve had obstacle after obstacle – the car of life would sometimes stall out and when it decided to run, I’ve found myself going in the wrong direction when you’ve provided a road map.  I’ve been searching for you…looking for answers and hoping that you would answer my spoken and unspoken prayers.

I remained as faithful as a human could be – at least by my definition and then as I was growing weary and was at the point of giving up…I almost threw in the towel, YOU showed up and reminded me that you were always there.  Your provision kept me.  You give me all that I need and more.  Your love reminds me that you are never out of reach, you’ve always been there – you are in everything that I do, everything that I am, and all that I hope to be.  Even if I can’t see you or touch you, I feel your presence.  Thank you!

You are guiding me on this journey called life and by FAITH, I will walk out my purpose.  I’m not just building my brand, I’m building #GodsBrand




My Faith Walk

In the Beginning…

Like many parents, specifically mothers, we give so much of ourselves trying to be everything to everyone at the same time oftentimes we become so consumed with the needs of our husbands and children that we forget about ourselves. How many of you can relate to that? That was me. If I could be honest, in some ways, it still is in me.

As a mother, I have sometimes forfeited my dreams for a greater dream called family. I have no complaints about my sacrifice; in fact, I celebrate it. It was exactly what I needed at the time and although I didn’t see or understand it completely while I was doing it, it was what I needed to focus on…give myself to…prioritize…and manage in a way that pleased my creator as well as myself. I wanted to be the best mommy to Claire and Kenny that I could be and at the time, I didn’t know how to be a great mom and a great journalist.

If you’ve ever worked as a journalist, you know far too well that the job can be consuming. There’s a lot of sacrificing of time. Long hours are the norm ESPECIALLY if there is breaking news. Honestly, I was a traffic reporter and radio personality. My hours weren’t that hectic, BUT I knew that if I continued to follow my dream, I could be that reporter in the field covering hard news stories that deserved my full attention. Since I didn’t want to be divided, I made a choice. That choice, which was a new beginning for a different type of dream for me, is one that I hold near and dear to me.

Through my years of being a stay at home mom, I slowly started to see who I was and who I wanted to be. While I enjoyed being a stay at home mom, I also used my position as an excuse not to live to my full purpose. You see, I truly believe that God can give you many gifts to be used at different times in your life. At that stage in my life, I felt that my gift was to be a mom. Or maybe I just wasn’t ready to give up the life that I wanted for the life that I had. Woooooow REALITY check!!

Only God could bless me in such a way that allows me to parent two remarkable gifts from him. Through this blessing called family, I have learned the importance of being obedient to MY God as well as to my heart ❤❤️ and this is why this is indeed my Faith Walk.

God has been speaking to me for a long time. He whispered, showed me signs, and even provided me ways to make this BIG dream of mine into reality. I, on the other hand, ran. I didn’t have the courage even though I received encouragement through his word. I didn’t have the faith I needed to step out and start something that was for HIM where I could use the gifts 🎁 that HE had blessed me with to glorify him…BUT I was too scared. I was worried about failing.

What if it didn’t work? What if no one listened or cared? Well, faith and fear can’t dwell in the same place…SO today, October 15, 2017,  I’m choosing FAITH. Faith to do what God has called me to be and do what he has called me to do. The burning desire that HE put in me to tell the stories of others as well as share some things that I’ve learned along life’s journey will just be some of the things you will get here.

Through this blog, I plan on sharing myself…my family…my hopes…dreams…fashion sense…BUT mostly, I hope to share with you my GOD through my Faith Walk as well as the journey of others as they walk by faith and not by sight.