About Me


For as long as I can think back, this is the life that I was supposed to be living – a life of purpose, a life of intentionality. 

From early childhood, I saw myself as a TV personality; entertainment news was my favorite.  I’d grab a brush (which served as my microphone) and pretend to interview celebrities.  I spent time in the mirror looking at my facial expressions and working to get my voice just right. I thought I’d be the next Oprah Winfrey interviewing and sharing the stories of others.  I spent day after day trying to figure out how I’d get there because being a journalist is not the easiest thing to accomplish.  It’s competitive.  You don’t always have to be super talented, but you have to be willing to put in the work and do your time.   Only the strongest survive.  

As the fire in my heart continued to burn for TV and radio (I couldn’t get it out of my head or heart), I knew that I had to pursue my purpose.  Not only because I desired it, but because God put it inside of me and it was up to me to chase the dream and turn it into reality.  I didn’t know how I was going to get there or how long it would take, but I was determined to make my dreams come true.  And believe it or not, I did just that, but just on a smaller scale. 

In 2005 I started my first job as a cohost on a radio station in my home town and in 2007, I received my first job in front of the camera.  During the time that I was on TV and radio, God started to show me that imitation was suicide.  I couldn’t be Oprah because I wasn’t designed to be her.  I was created in HIS image…with a purpose in mind just for me.  That was BIG for me, I mean HUGE.  While Oprah Winfrey is magnificent and I respect her work greatly, there is no one who can do Jasilika better than me just as there is no one who can do Oprah like Oprah. 

Life changed for me in 2008.  My husband and I wanted to start a family.  We had been married for 3 years and wanted to see a reflection of our love in the form of a child.  Getting pregnant was the easy part.  Going full term with our 1stpregnancy was more difficult.  We miscarried in March of 2008.  As my husband chased his career, I began to chase motherhood more and my career less.  There was a longing in my heart that just wouldn’t go away; I wanted to be a mother.  While I didn’t understand it then and to be honest, I still don’t understand the why behind our miscarriage now, 9 years later, we are blessed with two gifts from God by the names of Claire and Kenny. 

When my husband received a promotion, we left the city that I grew up in and set sight on something new, something different.  This meant that I would leave my job as a traffic reporter to focus on the next part of my life.  I remember my last day on camera. I couldn’t believe that I was really leaving.  The thing that provided me the most comfort was knowing that that was not the end. It was just the beginning of a new dream called FAMILY. 

I went on with my life as much as I could, but God continued to pull me in the direction of being a journalist and I listened and obeyed for the most part (hahaha). 

The time I spent away from radio and TV has been great.  There have been so many lessons that this thing called life has taught me.  Some were painful and others were victorious.  Everything that I learned…all that I am and want to be has brought me right back to where God wanted me to be all along. There has not been a day since God confirmed HIS plans for me that I haven’t thought about my calling.  My heart grew sick of not living my purpose. I’m here now because the voice of God was so great that I could no longer ignore it.   I’ve felt a tug at my heart…a whisper in my ear and didn’t move until NOW. 

Fast forward to now, October 15th, 2017. 

I am now a journalist turned mommylist (AKA as a Cover Mom who covers all things Claire and Kenny related because I love telling their stories).  I am a child of God first, daughter, wife, mom, sister, and friend.  I’m a God chaser, a social butterfly, a go getter, veteran, teacher, fashionista, and more than I could ever imagined that I be. 

I am an instrument ready to be used on this journey of J’s Faith Walk.  I hope to share a piece of who I am, but more importantly, I hope that you see God as I build #GodsBrand and promote him over myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that I’m also building my brand, BUT I hope that when you look closer, you see the heart of God and the southern girl who is chasing God first while living her dream.    

As you peruse this website, know that I am a work in progress…perfectly imperfect working each day to be a better version of myself and to represent my God and family in a way that is pleasing. 

While I will talk about Faith, Family, and Fashion (and all things in between, I hope that this blog, Instablog, and Podcast (coming soon) are more than #cutesyclothesandperfectposes  

I hope that this is a place where you can go to reignite your passion and we can connect to on a deeper, more personal level.  I pray that you find this blog at a time that you need it because if I can be honest, it is just what the doctor ordered for me.  I also want this blog to serve as inspiration to you.  Know that if I can do it, so can you. 

I believe that we all have gifts.  Some of us know what our gifts are and others spend their lifetime trying to figure them out.  Don’t try to figure it out yourself.  Seek the creator about HIS creation. 

God Speed,